Bulhar Village

The Botha Mahasu Devta temple of Bulhar village becomes famous and well known in entire Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh. After holy darshan of Mahasu Maharaj at Hanol, one can make darshan of Botha Mahasu at Bulhar. Apart from the two temples, temples of Mahasu Devta have also been built in Jaunsar Bawar of Dehradun i.e. at Bisoi, Lakhwad and lakhswar.

At Bulhar village, the magnificience of Mahasu Devta Temple can be seen which is constructed in the style of architecture of ancient and modern temple and mix of HImachali, Pahari and Buddisht architecture. There is temple of Devi (Jaga) having statues of nine forms of goddesses Durga around the circle and statue of Lord Bhairon also have been enshrined. During the Navratra, one can worship the nine forms of goddess Durga, which are enshrined in the same order on which goddess is being worshipped from the first day and so on. Large numbers of pilgrims and devotees from Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand come here for darshan.