How to reach

Bulhar village, where the famous 'Botha Mahasu Devta's grand temple has been constructed, is situated in Dehradun district. The distance of Dehradun city from Bulhar village is 160 km. Bulhar village is located in a road route and can be reached from Dehradun via Chakarata. Chakrata is 100 km away from Dehradun and Lokhandi is 22 km away from Chakrata. Kanasar is 6 km away from Lokhandi and Koti is 2 km away from Kanasar. Chakrata, Kanasar, Koti are on Tiuni Road. To reach Bulhar, a left turn is to be taken from Koti, which is 30 km away from Bulhar. Before 2011 - 12, there was a a kutcha road from Lokhandi and a proper motorable road has been laid duirng the year 2011-12, till then it was very difficult to reach there.

Another route for reaching Bulhar is via Kalsi - Koti Ichhadi - Minus route. Bulhar is situated at a distance of 25 km from Minus and can be reached via Minus - Pipara, but this route is not yet completed and almost distance of 5 km is to be covered on foot only.

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