Social Service

The main reason behind the reconstruction of the Mahasu Devta Temple in Bulhad is to make this place as an ideal village and to develop as a pilgrimage and point of attraction for tourists, resulting in increase in employment opportunities and overall improvement in economic condition of the villagers and people of the entire Bharam area. The main idea of patron, Shri Ratan Singh of the Temple Management committee is to make people more independent and to bring this particular area in the tourist map of Uttarakhand. Initially, to make aware about the benefits of cleanliness and hygiene among the villagers, Shri Ratan Singh called a meeting and proposed the villagers and all concerned persons that if village remains clean and hygiene, then there will be no ailment and disease in the village. And then all the villagers and all concerned persons unanimously agreed for the relocation of gaushalas to the outskirts of the village. All the 16 Gaushalas had been shifted and for which Rs 20,000/- has been given to each family by Temple management committee to support them. The impact of this decision is that no filth etc. is found in the village and resultantly there is improvement in cleanliness and hygiene in this remote village. It is worthwhile to mention here that this village has connected with road in the year 2011 only.

The three families of Bajgi community which are so poor and was living in the premises of Mahasu Devta temple has been relocated to the premises nearby the primary school and provided cemented house, kitchen and bathroom. Contruction of theses houses of the Bajgi community had completed in the year 2011. Inspired by this initiative every family of the village also get constructed toilets in their houses. Therefore, it becomes the very first village in Dehradun district having facility of bathroom and toilets in all the families and a successful step towards Swachchhata Abhiyan.

On April 2015, at the time of inaugration of temple, the Hon'ble Central Cabinet Minister Shri Joel Oraon appreciated the efforts and said that it is the best example of Swachchh Bharat Abhiyan, where toilets have been constructed even when the village is connected with roads in recent years only.

On this occasion and on the first day former Chief Minister of Uttrakhand and MP Shri Bhagat Singh Koshiyari has praised about cleanliness and hygiene of the village and also observe all the ongoing developments in Bulhar village with great interest.

On 17th April, 2015, at the time of inaugration of the first library in the temple premises, Honourable Koshiyariji said that it is an ideal village where temple management committee has constructed Dharamshala, big courtyard etc. within the temple premises itself. The Late Shri Nain Singh Rawat library will be proved a boon for the children of this village and nearby area leading to overall development of education and literacy. It is a step which make this an ideal and model village even though no assistance had been provided by the Government for this purpose. So, the Honorable Shri Koshiyari Ji has given Rs 6,00,000/- to Temple Management Committee.

On this occasion of inauguration of temple, Shri Munna Singh Chauhan, the former MLA of Chakrata Vidhan Sabha seat and spokesperson of Uttrakhand BJP, said that Late Shri Nain Singh Rawat had great attachment with education and it was his initiative that this High School get started in Bharam Area. Therefore, to give respect and reverence to him and his achievements, the Uttrakhand State Government named this high school as 'Shri Nain Singh Rawat Rajkiya High School, Bulhar'.

Honourable Shri Koshiyari ji and Sh. Munna Chauhan had also released the book written on Late Shri Nain Singh Rawat. Shri Chauhan said in appreciation of works done by the Temple Manaagement Committee particularly Shri Ratan Singh that this is a real tribute to Late Shri Nain Singh Rawat that library has been set up in his memory and also realized his dream of reconstruction of Mahasu Devta Temple, which is really amazing and commendable job.

On 19th April 2015, Respected Shri Ajay Bhatt, the leader of opposition of Uttrakhand praises the developments of Bulhar, especially of swachchhata abhiyan and shifting of Gaushalas. which is amazing and different in itself. The social services and work done for overall improvement of Bulhar village is to be replicated in other villages also.

On the last day of Pran Pratishtha and Pooja i.e. 19th April 2015, in the honour of Mahasu Devta, the symbol of faith, people has been gathered and Bissu fair had been held. Bissu fair is celebrated in the entire area of Jaunsar Bawar and adjoining areas of Himachal Pradesh. Bissu fair is marked as beginning of New year when new crop is harvested, however it had been stopped for the last many years. It is important to note that Bissu is celebrated not only in the area of Jaunsar bawar, rather in other parts of the country like Assam, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh etc. and in some parts of the country it is celebrated as Vaishakhi.

The state tree of Uttrakhand is Buras (Botanical Name - Rhododendron arboreum), which is found in the hilly areas of Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh at an average altitude of 1800 to 2800 meter above mean sea level. The red Buras flowers bloom in the month of March and April every year. The flowers of buras trees are being offered in the temple of Mahasu Devta between 12th April to 15th April i.e. on the day of Sankranti. It is said that first flower of Buras should be offered to Mahasu Devta which marks the beginning of the Bissu Fair, which symbolises peace and progress in the area of Jaunsar Bawar and Himachal Pradesh. In Bissu fair, many dishes are being prepared and it is also famous for playing Thoudey and group dance is also being performed wearing Chourne (Juday). The fight with swords, cultural programs, group dances in local costumes etc. are also been performed.

On 19th April, 2015, the celebration of Bissu fair restarted by the name of Mahasu Maharaj, the next year on the same day i.e. on 19th April 2016, the Bissu fair is celebrated as anniversary with great zeal and enthusiasm. The Temple Management Committee organized a Bhandara in the name of Mahasu Devta at the Temple premises at Bulhar, in which not only the people of Bharam area but also thousands of people from other areas of Jaunsar Bawar and Himachal Pradesh had participated. This shows the big devotion towards Mahasu Devta of the people of this area.

In the Chairmanship of the patron of Temple Management Committee, Shri Ratan Singh, an unanimous decision has been taken to organize Bissu fair every year on the same day. Shri Ratan Singh believes that in this way the culture and rituals of this area can remain alive among the people and will help in curbing migration of natives. He strongly recommended that this traditional and cultural festival should not come to an end at any cost and announced that the Bhandara of Mahasu Devta will be held on the same day i.e. 19th April of every year along with Bissu Fair.